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Key Technologies

One number of capabilities uses the same phone number across all devices, whether you’re on Wi-Fi or cellular. This includes a mobile client, IOT device, or sensors connected to cloud-based servers and interconnections with 2G, 3G, and 4G networks using standard SS7 protocols. This creates a seamless experience across Wi-Fi, BT, RF, RFID, and worldwide mobile networks.

Wireless Access Manager

Our Wireless Access Manager provides real-time cellular and Wi-Fi network evaluation based on policies set by the operator or customer requirements, enabling seamless integration of Wi-Fi and cellular networks. We have contracts with major mobile providers for sending traffic efficiently and at minimum cost.

Featured Projects
Track Cattle Using RFID Readers

Track Cattle Using RFID Readers

The Main Goal of this application is to integrate technology with cattle ranching to make it product
Connected Bus

Connected Bus

We implemented the “Connected Bus” project in two transportation cooperatives that operate aroun
Manage Real-Time Inventory

Manage Real-Time Inventory

This solution enables the use of multiple technologies under the single accurate digital alliance st
Campion Labs offers a professional IOT environment, a secure, scalable , and a cloud-native connectivity developed specifically for the Internet of Things. Providing efficient and very friendly management tools, low cost benefits worldwide, and years of experience in the integration and project management of communication companies.
Experts on integrated IoT
Cellular IoT SIMs
How it works
The rise of Wi-Fi’s role in home automation has primarily come about due to the networked nature of deployed electronics where electronic devices (

Cloud based network is probably the best invention since the start of the internet. First thing first. One must first understand w

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